Knowledge is Power at Wyffels Hybrids

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nafb-wyffels-mitch-heisler Mitch Heisler believes not only in the products of Wyffels Hybrids, but in the knowledge of the grower as well. Knowledge is power, he emphasizes, when it comes to choosing the right product.

“Knowledge is key. [Growers] knowing their farm and their fields and past pest and disease history, and then working with a knowledgable seed representative. Our Wyffels seed representatives are really outstanding in understanding our products and their benefits and lining those up with their fields to mitigate risk and set them up for success,” Heisler told me at the National Association of Farm Broadcasting Trade Talk event.

Customer feedback for 2016 seems to confirm his theory. While Mother Nature has the ability to knock the top off of yields, many of their customers are seeing good things; some even braking records.  The new products for this year were especially impressive, leading Heisler to be excited about the future of his company.

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