Pinnacle Agriculture Launches Mission Seed Solutions

Kelly MarshallAgribusiness, seed

mission-seed-solutionsA new proprietary seed company is being launched by Pinnacle Agriculture Distribution, Inc.  Mission Seed Solutions, LLC, will allow the growing ag retailer to focus on unique seed opportunities in corn and soybeans.

Pinnacle Agriculture has a major focus and investment in seed. Nearly one third of Pinnacle Agriculture’s business consists of seed sales, making them one of the most diverse full service ag retailers in the country. Pinnacle Agriculture also owns four seed manufacturing facilities where they annually produce rice, wheat and soybeans.

Andrew Duff, Vice President of Seed Strategy for Pinnacle Agriculture, will head up the new company. “This is an exciting day for us,” Duff says. “We pride ourselves on the fact that seed is strategically important to us, and we are constantly looking for ways to drive value in seed. Customers trust us with their seed decisions and we want to ensure our customers have access to the best products regardless of where they are located.”

Mission Seed Solutions is an extension of Pinnacle’s decision to “Lead with Seed.”  Last fall the company acquired eight independent regional seed companies.  This new investment follows 75 years of seed expertise in the retail sector.

The first corn and soybean products will be available this fall.