Stewardship is Sustainability at BASF

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Sustainability may have different meanings for different people, but stewardship is a much clearer concept and something that BASF is very cognizant of when it comes to developing new products for farmers. ‘

basf-media-gros-adam“We want to make this concept very tangible,” said Vincent Gros, BASF Head of Europe, Africa and Middle East, during an interview at the recent global press conference in Germany. “When it comes to sustainability, one size doesn’t fit all, and we have to address the local needs with products that are appropriate for local conditions.”

“In the end, there is no sustainable solution without innovation and without partnership,” added BASF Head of Global Sustainability and Product Stewardship Lena Adam. “But anything in the wrong dose or in the wrong application can also not have positive effects…so that’s why we stress the responsible use of our solutions for the highest benefit while minimizing any potential risk from a wrong application. It’s very close to our heart.”

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