Two Tractors In One- New Holland Concept

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Bret LiebermanDesigned for maximum flexibility, New Holland’s concept tractor is actually two tractors in one.   The NHDrive concept tractor was announced at the Farm Progress Show, where operators could view a machine that has the capability to be driven with the attached cab just like a normal tractor or run driverless and be controlled by a portable device or computer.

Chuck Zimmerman spoke with Bret Lieberman, Vice President, North America, New Holland, to get his thoughts on what this means for customers. It’s all about new technology that will help customers. “How can we make them be more productive and do a better job in the work that they do everyday and are committed to in their lifestyle,” says Lieberman.

The NHDrive concept tractor is equipped with a seeder, and is able to autonomously seed the next crop straight behind the combine. Using an application installed on a portable device, perfect for supervised automation, such as an operator driving a combine, or on a desktop computer, perfect for the farmer working in his farm office, the tractor and implement parameters can be continually monitored and controlled, and changes can be made if necessary.

Able to work 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, the NHDrive tractor helps to reduce the risks associated with human error as it follows predetermined and optimised plans for all activities. It is able to reach higher levels of productivity and efficiency than traditional methods. The NHDrive can make full use of the periods of favourable weather for farming operations by working day and night.

In the future, the NHDrive tractor will be able to completely automate grain handling during the harvest when equipped with a trailer, including unloading, transport and offloading activities.

Listen to Chuck’s interview with Bret here: [wpaudio url=”″ text=”Interview with Bret Lieberman, New Holland”]

New Holland at 2016 Farm Progress Show Photos