Candidates Offer Views on Ag Issues

Kelly MarshallAFBF, Ag Group, Government

clinton-trumpWhile the candidates may weigh in during tonight’s debate on issues such as immigration and trade, which are important to agriculture, it’s not likely they will address topics such as the farm bill and biotechnology.

So, the American Farm Bureau Federation (AFBF) went to both nominees and asked them the same questions on a number of issues that concern farmers and ranchers and the responses are being posted in the organization’s digital newsletter FBNews. In the first responses posted last week, both candidates explained their positions on regulatory reform; the Clean Water, Clean Air and Endangered Species Acts; and the farm bill, biotechnology, and food safety.

“The fact that the candidates took the time in the middle of this very competitive election season to go into such detail in their responses says a lot about the importance of these issues and the farmers and ranchers who care about them,” said AFBF President Zippy Duvall. While AFBF cannot endorse or support a political candidate, the organization is providing the candidates’ positions to inform Farm Bureau members and others.

The Trump campaign responses to the issues are in first person, while the Clinton camp took a third person approach. For example, in response to the question about the Clean Water Act – What would you do as president to ensure that the EPA acts within the bounds of the Clean Water Act?

Trump Response: “First, I will appoint a pro-farmer Administrator of EPA. Next, I will eliminate the unconstitutional “Waters of the US” rule, and will direct the Army Corps of Engineers and EPA to no longer use this unlawful rule and related guidance documents in making jurisdictional determinations.”

Clinton Response: “The Clean Water Act not only stemmed these environmental disasters but helped to reverse course and restore healthy swimmable and fishable waters for all Americans to enjoy. As president, Hillary will continue this legacy. She will work to ensure waters are safe and protected, will maintain the longstanding exemptions for common farming practices, and will continue pushing for clarity within the law.”

The candidates’ opinions on Immigration, International Trade and TPP, and Energy will be posted this week.