Alltech Increases Production with New Facility

Kelly MarshallAgribusiness, Alltech, Company Announcement

Alltech Crop ScienceThis month marked the grand opening of a new crop science production facility in Uberlândia, Brazil for Alltech Crop Science.  The plant will serve Central-West and Northeast Regions of Brazil with an annual production of about 10 million liters.  That number increases Alltech’s production capacity by 150 percent.

“The city is a prime example of logistic infrastructure for Brazil, so moving to this area (the Triângulo Mineiro) will benefit many of our customers,” said agronomist Ney Ibrahim, director of Alltech Crop Science in Brazil. “We will have greater options for transportation, logistic gains in speed and cost-effectiveness for the entire central region of Brazil, which will have an impact on agility and quality of service.”

Recently Alltech Crop Science has grown by 30 percent each year.  The new facility allows this growth to continue.

“Our production was already at 100 percent capacity,” said Ibrahim. “This expansion is an important step in our development and will give us the opportunity to reach our growth and production targets.”