AcreValue Adds Comp Sales to Website

Kelly MarshallAgribusiness, Land, Website

acrevalueAcreValue is a free online farmland valuation tool created by Granular.  Now the company has announced the addition of Comp Sales to their platform.  This program will allow users to view land prices for the past two and half years in more than 2,500 U.S. counties, making AcreValue the first ever map-based tool to display land sales from county public records.

The site keeps users in the know on land prices without the need to visit the courthouse to view public records, rely on a broker’s published information or hearing about prices via word of mouth.

“AcreValue has very quickly become the go-to place to access information about farmland, anywhere, anytime. Our registered user base has grown more than 700% this year. With Comp Sales, we’re able to give our users one more tool to help them make important land purchase and rent decisions, especially as we hit the time of the year when sales activity starts to pick up,” said Tamar Tashjian, General Manager of AcreValue.

Accessing Comp Sales on AcreValue is simple and straightforward. Users interact with the map to get a quick view of the sale prices of land in a particular area. They can also generate detailed reports with more information about each individual sale, including price, the location and boundaries of sold parcels, and the names of the buying and selling parties. This data is now available alongside the information that users are already routinely access on AcreValue: soil productivity, soil and aerial maps, and 5-year land use history.

Land prices are a critical piece of information for farmers and landowners.  To learn more about AcreValue, visit