Global Update on BASF Maglis

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basf-media-16-maglisBASF held the global launch of Maglis at the 2016 Commodity Classic and the global media got an update on the online agricultural platform during a press event last week in Germany.

Dr. Matthias Nachtmann, head of BASF’s agIT project team, says they had a good initial launch of the Maglis Customer Navigator in North America. “We’re really excited by the feedback and looking forward to 2017 now,” said Nachtmann. “The plan is now to make Maglis Customer Navigator broadly available under the roof of the GrowSmart initiative where we connect our physical products together with our sales team in the field.”

BASF is continuing its investment in the development of mobile decision-making tools for farmers and working with other developers for integration with other platforms. “We differentiate by actual agronomic insights,” said Nachtmann. “We’d love to provide it with our Maglis platform. We’re also ready to provide it to other farm management systems, for example John Deere.”

Learn more about Maglis in this interview: [wpaudio url=”″ text=”Interview with Matthias Nachtmann, BASF”]

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