John Deere Shows off Carbon Boom on Sprayer

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Carbon Boom Sprayer Last week’s John Deere Reveal event offered Chuck Zimmerman the chance to see the new carbon fiber boom.  Announced last year, this boom is part of a collaboration with King Agro, a maker of carbon fiber products in Central and South America.  The new booms promise John Deere’s customers more productivity while maintaing the reliability and durability the company is known for.

Buy why carbon fiber?  Jason Beuligmann of John Deere explains that the material has many properties that make it ideal for sprayers.  First, it has a greater strength to weight ratio.  Carbon fiber is 30 percent lighter than the metal previously used.  It is also resistant to corrosion from the products placed in the sprayer and the UV rays from the sun.

Of course, growers understand the advantages of a stronger, longer boom.  More acres per day mean fewer passes through the field, less labor and reduced fuel consumption.  Reducing compaction helps improve yields, as does the advantage of being able to get through the work and spray weeds while they’re still small.  Carbon fiber also offers a better balanced sprayer, contributing to performance when conditions are less than ideal.

King Agro’s 22 years of experience in carbon fiber means John Deere’s customers can count on these sprayers.  Should an accident happen, users may purchase a kit that can bring the boom back to full strength.

“We believe carbon fiber is the key to innovation and progress in agricultural machinery industry in the next decade,” says Guillermo Mariani, CEO King Agro. “John Deere’s commitment to innovation and excellence in their products is a perfect match for King Agro’s experience in carbon fiber.”

Check out this video footage for more information about carbon fiber booms.

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