DuPont Pioneer Boosts Encirca Services

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DuPont Pioneer, O'Brien Not everyone is ready to jump in with both feet when it comes to a nitrogen management service. That’s why DuPont Pioneer is releasing an Encirca service for growers who’d prefer to begin by just dipping in a toe.

I spoke with Encirca Services Lead, Ken O’Brien at the Farm Progress Show to learn a little bit more about the program and what it offers growers. O’Brien says most farmers just want to know- will it really work? Nitrogen management has been a traditionally difficult piece of the puzzle, with rates varying widely from year to year in terms of maximum yield versus input costs. This new program has helped make good decisions 75 percent of the time and that’s pretty exciting for many.

The new pieces of the Encira service make it easier for growers to try it out and see before signing up for the full-service option. By choosing per acre based fees for weather and nitrogen management those who prefer can use this self-serve model.

“We recognize that every field is different, every operation is different and every grower is different,” said Eric Boeck, DuPont Pioneer marketing director, Encirca℠ services. “Some prefer to have an advisor to talk things over with and some prefer the self-serve model. We are listening to our customers and catering to their varying needs with the addition of our new Pro level of Encirca℠ services.”

The Pro level service is fueled by Encirca℠ services’ latest technology and analytics, soil science, agronomy expertise and local weather. It empowers growers to independently monitor nitrogen levels and simulate different nitrogen plans and field details, as well as to understand the impact changes will have on crop growth and the probability of achieving desired outcomes. The service includes the ability to set automated alerts for changing field conditions.

The Pro level service is delivered through the new Encirca℠ Nitrogen app, which will be available for download from the App store by mid-September. Growers are encouraged to try the Pro level service for free through Oct. 31, 2016.

“Customers who prefer more hands-on support may still use an Encirca℠ certified services agent through the Premium level of Encirca℠ Nitrogen service,” said Boeck. “And as important as nitrogen is to increasing yields, data is what drives those decisions. DuPont Pioneer is striving to make individual operation data accessible and actionable for all growers regardless of management style.”

Learn more by listening here: [wpaudio url=”″ text=”Interview with Ken O’Brien, DuPont Pioneer”]

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