John Deere- Part of the Precision Revolution

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JD WetzelEarlier this week John Deere invited the media to see first-hand all the newest tools the company provides to the ag industry.  Chuck Zimmerman attended the event where he was able to grab video and interviews regarding the new 8 row folding corn head, the new Nutrient Applicator, the ExactApply nozzles, and many other great advancements.

Media also heard from some of the people behind the products– people like Aaron Wetzel, Vice President of Ag & Turf Crop Care.

Wetzel is proud to be a part of the new innovations coming to the market place, products that will help customers be more productive, manage their costs and, of course, improve yields.

“Here in Crop Care, I think I’m part of the great revolution of precision agriculture and I think what we saw here today is really a significant amount of innovations that we’re bringing to our customers.  And we’re doing that through intently listening to our customers and what they need,” he explained.

Meeting the needs of the grower is top priority for Deere.  And they’re being more forward-thinking about that goal than ever before with things like their partnership with Hagie to offer greater nutrient management solutions, and solutions for the Operations Center brought about by the Intelligence Group.

John Deere is helping to drive the precision agriculture revolution, Wetzel asserts.  That means an integration of technology with the equipment and support for all of it offered by the dealer network.  Managing costs is what will make or break grower customers, he said.  And John Deere is making great efforts to be a force that drives their customers forward.

You can hear Wetzel’s full remarks here: [wpaudio url=”″ text=”Aaron Wetzel, John Deere Reveal”]

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