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Farmers Edge When I asked Tim Davis what was new with Farmers Edge at the Farm Progress Show, he told me all of it! The little Canadian company, started by a couple of farm boys dabbling in precision data has only been in the United States for about 9 months, but what they’re offering isn’t little at all.

Famers Edge is a full service agronomy data company, Davis explained. They offer data collection, data analyzation, weather stations for farms, plant health imagery during the growing season, and can also handle soil testing and variable rate prescription. They believe they can be the only data company a farmer needs.

The company looks to be in a good position to provide that as well. Their background is on the farm. The private, independent company will safe-guard your data while helping make decisions without the pressure to purchase a lot of products.

Despite being pretty much completely new themselves, Farmers Edge will be releasing a few additional services for the 2017 growing season. The first is a nitrogen manger that aids in deciding when to top dress and how much. Davis says the product looks very robust and offers growers a great value. The second addition is an E-scouting program that works with the Farm Command software to pinpoint what’s happening in a field. Last but not least is the CanPlug that goes directly into a tractor or combine and offers information about how the equipment preformed in terms of efficiency. This new tools may help growers choose the right size and model of equipment based on economics.

“With the profit margins out there, every advantage we can give growers to make a better decision leads to a successful family farm,” Davis says.

Their unique perspective comes from being an all-around data collection company with a very integrated platform. You can learn more about Farmers Edge in this interview: [wpaudio url=”″ text=”Tim Davis, Farmers Edge”]

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