Deere Rolls Out High Capacity Nutrient Applicator at FPS

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JD Fertilizr Spreader JasonThe Farm Progress Show is full of interesting sights and exhibits, and one of the best things is seeing something brand new from a company. John Deere didn’t disappoint, rolling out their first entry in a dry fertilizer spreader. I spoke with Jason Beuligmann, Product Manger at John Deere, about this new F4365 High Capacity Nutrient Applicator and why John Deere is filling out their portfolio with an applicator.

The process to bring a project like this to life took John Deere 2-3 years, start to finish. They began by talking with members of the business, really trying to get to know what the customer wanted, needed, and how price point would influence the return on investment. “We really focused on the customer. We really focused, not only on the ag retail market in general but equipment mangers and their concerns, the operators and their concerns, to bring a machine that really differentiates us from the other competitors in the market.  More acres per day and more productivity and revenue for them,” Beuligmann explained to me.

JD Fertilizer Spreader What customers really want to know, though, is what will this offer me? Beuligmann says there are two main areas of focus. The first was operator comfort. For many businesses drivers are in the seat most of the year. A comfortable cab helps them feel good when they get back in the machine again the next morning, and when they feel good they do a good job. Performance was the other main area of concern when John Deere designed the F4365. Good performance, flexibility in the field, 30 mph running speed and 46 mph highway speed were features customers said they had to have.

Learn more about the new High Capacity Nutrient Applicator in my interview with Beuligmann here: [wpaudio url=”″ text=”Interview with Jason Beuligmann, John Deere”]

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