John Deere’s New Nozzles Get the Job Done

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JD Thomas Lydia Thomas is a Product Manger for John Deere, and she’s just the person to talk to if you’re wanting information about John Deere’s new exact apply intelligent nozzle system. I caught up with her at the Farm Progress Show to hear how John Deere has brought a new approach to their traditional sprayer, adding industry exclusives that help growers get the job done.

The John Deere booth included a 120 foot boom, as well as a display spray stand to help demonstrate all the features. The intelligent system means each nozzle gets individual control, but beyond that the system includes 30 hertz pulsing to provide a consistent application throughout a field. LED lights mean applicators can get started earlier and worker later, getting the work they need accomplished when they need to accomplish it. Nozzle switching allows the user to turn off pulsing when necessary and allow for a wider range of working speeds, so you can get a field covered faster.

JD Nozzles Customers are excited to get their hands on this technology, and Thomas says the wait won’t last much longer. This nozzle will be an option on 2018 sprayer models.

“JD is dedicate to precision agriculture,” Thomas told me.  “We have a factory installed solution for them, so they can have a green-on-green solution.”

Hear Lydia’s in-depth interview here to learn more: [wpaudio url=”″ text=”Interview with Lydia Thomas, John Deere”]

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