Case Launches Tool to Support Efficient Crop Production

Kelly MarshallAgribusiness, Case IH, Tillage

Case iHToday’s farmers demand precise equipment that can handle a variety of field conditions and deliver consistent results.  That’s why Case IH has designed a new Nutri-Tiller 955 strip-till applicator to help growers better manage nutrients and conserve soil.

“The Nutri-Tiller 955 delivers the agronomic advantages of conventional tillage, along with the economic and conservation benefits of no-till,” said Dave Long, Case IH seeding equipment and fertilizer applicators marketing manager. “It’s a one-pass seedbed management tool that helps producers efficiently manage time, resources and inputs.”

“With a team of experienced agronomists and engineers, Case IH is regarded as the seedbed expert,” added Long. “The Nutri-Tiller 955 builds on that legacy not only by creating an ideal seedbed, but also by precisely placing nutrients deep in the root zone where growing crops need them — all in a single pass.”

The Nutri-Tiller 955 offers growers:

    • Improved mounting design of the new High-clearance Shank™ for Strip-Till (HCS ST) helps ensure the knife and shank stay aligned for uniform operating depth, precise nutrient placement and pass-to-pass accuracy.
    • New row cleaner effectively moves high levels of crop residue between the rows without gouging or riding on top of residue. Two down-pressure spring settings let producers match aggressiveness to field conditions.
    • The Berm Build’r™ creates a uniform, properly shaped and sized berm. Concave 18-inch notched sealing disks include holes on the disk face to help reduce soil buildup.
    • Rolling-basket options for the Berm Condition’r™ — a concave design for fall use and a flat-bar design for spring use — help put the final touches on the raised strip and finalize the seedbed.

“Minimal shank deflection with the 1¼-inch by 2-inch edge-bent shank, combined with the mount’s holding force, helps the HCS ST maintain a constant depth for uniform berms and accurate nutrient placement,” Long describes..

The new tools comes in 20 feet to 60 feet width with 8, 12, 16 or 24 rows.   With their exclusive welded bridge construction, the 30- and 40- foot versions flex in three places; the 60- foot model flexes in five.  Single-point depth control offers quick, in-field adjustments, easy folding and LED lighting for safety.  The also have a VF radial tire option to improve floatation and reduce compassion.

An optional air packages means the tiller is ready to connect to the Case IH Precision Air 5 series air cart.  The combinations means growers can deep band up to two dry fertilizers and anhydrous ammonia.

Visit your local Case IH dealer or for more information.