EFC Systems and Adapt-N Announce Integration

Kelly MarshallAgribusiness, Nitrogen, Nutrient Management

efc-systems-tmEFC Systems, Inc. and Agronomic Tehcnology Corp have announced the integration of their products, Field Alytics and Adapt-N respectively.  This integration means FieldAlytics users may use data already on file to create variable rate nitrogen recommendations- recommendations that are powerful, unbiased and scientifically validated.  FieldAlytics customers gain easy access to Adapt-N’s nitrogen diagnostics, alerts, and recommendations.

“We achieved our goal to make the data flow easily between systems, letting FieldAlytics users add additional knowledge and insight into their growers’ management decisions. We’re excited to offer Adapt-N’s service to our users without requiring them to work within separate tools,” says Devron VonGunden, EFC Systems’ Senior Product Manager for FieldAlytics. The first phase of the integration makes Adapt-N’s in-season recommendations available for corn fields in a wide geography. Over the coming months, a number of additional features will be added, including the optional automatic syncing of soil test, yield and other management data layers between the systems.

Adapt-N“This capability provides seamless access to market leading decision tools,” notes Ernie Chappell, EFC Systems’ President and CEO. “We see Adapt-N as a leader in Nitrogen management.” EFC Systems’ customers have flexibility to utilize and market Adapt-N to their grower customers in a flexible fashion, and can optionally choose which fields should benefit from the joint offering.

“At Agronomic Technology Corp, we strive to go where the data is, and empower users to gain additional value from the tools they’ve already selected,” says Agronomic Technology Corp’s CEO, Steve Sibulkin. “We’re excited to partner with EFC Systems to promote sustainable profitability across its user base,” he says, referencing Adapt-N’s demonstrated ability to improve grower profit while reducing nitrogen losses to the environment. “Adapt-N is offered independently, with a solid scientific foundation, and has been recognized by the industry as setting the standard in nitrogen modeling,” Sibulkin adds, citing the tool’s recent NutrientStar validation, and that it is also a top tier solution in Walmart’s Supplier Sustainability Toolkit.