ET Apache Sprayers Get An Upgrade

Kelly MarshallAgribusiness, Equipment, Spraying

ApacheThe Apache sprayers saw some pretty great upgrades in 2016, but they’re not done yet.  The 2017 model offers growers enhanced durability, simpler operation and great precision application to take farming to the next level.

Apache spray booms will now come standard with leak-proof, quick-service Banjo boom manifold fittings, Hypro nozzle bodies and an option for stainless steel boom plumbing.  Both the  90 and 100 foot booms have also been overhauled for strength, increasing their ability to handle tough field conditions.  Apache is also offering a factory-installed 100 foot Pommier aluminum boom, in addition to the 120 and 132 Pommiers, giving growers a lighter weight alternative and greater configuration flexibility.

In-cab sprayer diagnostics are more user-friendly and intuitive. The in-cab display now features a smart diagnostics module that allows the operator to easily diagnose and troubleshoot all key machine systems, including engine and transmission controllers, joystick, display and more, reducing down-time and potential service costs for the operator.

For those looking for state-of-the-art precision performance, the optional new Raven Hawkeye™ Application Control System provides industry-leading precision application, including optional nozzle-bynozzle on/off control based on gps and field maps. A new turn compensation feature reduces over- and under-application of product through turns by maintaining precise application rates based on the amount of area covered by each part of the boom.

Concentrated chemicals can now be mixed with a direct injection system, reducing waste and time.  Operators will also appreciate the smoother ride provided by ZF transmission tuning refinements and the newly designed ladder means better accessibility.

“More and more farmers are starting to pencil out the financial benefits of doing their own application,” said Matt Hays, CEO of Equipment Technologies. “As they do, they’re comparing features, ease of use, warranty, durability, cost of operation and return on investment. Because we’re 100 percent focused on self-propelled sprayers, across the board, Apache has the competition beat.”