Case IH Introduces AIM Command FLEX Advanced Spray Tech

Kelly MarshallAgribusiness, Case IH, Crop Protection, Spraying

Case nozzelsCase IH is bringing the new AIM Command FLEX advanced spray technology for greater application accuracy to their lineup.  They’ll also be celebrating this achievement and the many others in the past 25 years of sprayer leadership with an anniversary model of the Patriot.

The AIM Command FLEX offers operators consistent, flexible and accurate application.  Regardless of speed or terrain the result is a more efficient use of crop protection products.  The Pulse width modulation (PWM) technology means the system can control product flow and pressure with greater accuracy than conventional models.

AIM Command FLEX is a new, advanced and dependable technology that:

    • Adds flexibility to product application. Operators can preset spray rates up to 30 percent higher than the target rate on up to eight nozzles. This feature accommodates sprayer wheel tracks, fencerows and other uneven field conditions.
    • Operates 36 separate boom sections, allowing more precise control across the boom and throughout the field.
    • Maintains consistent application rate over a wider range of speeds. With properly sized tips, AIM Command FLEX accommodates speed ranges up to 8:1 versus 2:1 with rate-controller-only technology.
    • Controls drift on demand by allowing the operator to preset two spray pressures and toggle between them while spraying. For example, one of the settings could deliver the target pressure for the desired droplet size, and the second setting could produce lower pressure for selective drift control in sensitive areas. Or operators could select a higher pressure for the second setting to achieve greater canopy penetration when needed.
    • Compensates for turns by automatically adjusting rates across the boom to prevent over- or underapplication through field curves and turns.

The nozzle valves comes with a diagnostic system to keep growers up and running. The monitor notifies the operator when a valve quits working or wire becomes unplugged and an LED indicator flashes different colors to help sort out the problem.

The AFS Pro 700 or Case IH Viper 4+ can operate the AIM Command FLEX, controlling application rate, spray pressure, boom section status, product tank volume and other parameters.  Together the systems can generate as-applied maps and application reports in a Shapefile formate.  It is also ISO Virtual Terminal compatible.

And upgrade is also available to allow on-off control of individual nozzles through the Viper 4+ controller.  No hardware is needed, simply purchase the upgrade and the system will function immediately.

To take advantage of the special 25th Anniversary Patriot 4440 and 3340 sprayers, purchase the 2017 model with decals highlight the milestone, Micheline tires, Raven Industries technology, Wilger-Rate nozzle bodies, 360-degree lighting package option and AIM Command FLEX standard.