Vermeer Introduces Two New Balers

Kelly MarshallAgribusiness, Hay

Vermeer‘s success stems from founder Gary Vermeer’s philosophy; find a need and fill that need with a product built to last.  With a long history of helping growers put up hay efficiently, the company is now introducing the new 504R Signature baler and the 604 Pro silage baler.  These balers continue to offer the convenience, ease of use and durability Vermeer is known for.

Vermeer 504The 504R comes with a camless wide pickup backed by a 3 year warranty.  It features 80 main drive chains, stronger bearings, higher load rating and more torque power.

“The combination of the camless wide pickup and rotor are what initially set this baler apart,” said Vermeer Product Manager, Josh Vrieze. “With fewer wear points than previous models, these two components quietly work together to create faster bale starts and square-shouldered, good-looking bales, all while minimizing the number of parts that may need to be replaced.

This baler is designed for the operator who primarily bales dry hay but also wants to be able to put up a healthy dose of wet hay.  This makes the 504R Signature the ultimate fit for most hay operations requiring 5 ft x 4 ft bales.”

Vermeer balerThe 604 Pro is for operators who need durability for silage bailing and the flexibility to put up dry bales as well.  The Pro balers have a reputation for baling wet or dray in very dense packages. They come with a camless wide pickup that doesn’t need cam tracks or follower bearings.  Four endless belts increase longevity and eliminate lace maintenance.  Large float tires mean a smoother ride.

“Features such as Hydroflexcontrol and the Xtracut17 precutting system have been very effective in baling wet hay and we are now excited to offer those features in another baler size,” said Josh Vrieze.

“Now, the custom operator who needs the ability to precut forage, make multiple size bales, bale wet or dry hay, can do it all with one baler,” continues Vrieze. “The bale density is what sets the Pro balers apart. We have seen operators unroll a 6 ft x 4 ft bale and roll it back up with the 504 Pro in a 5 ft x 4 ft package. The denser the bales, the less storage space, transportation and plastic/netwrap an operator should expect.”