GYPSOIL Offers UltraCal Lime from GLC Minerals

Kelly MarshallAgribusiness, Nutrient Management, Soil

gypsoil-brand-gypsum-logoGLC Minerals of Green Bay, Wisconsin and GYPSOIL Division of Beneficial Reuse Management have an agreement to provide growers with high-quaility, high-calcium agriculture lime.  For the first time GYPSOIL will be offering lime as part of its lineup.  The new product will be labeled GYPSOIL UltraCal Lime, manufactured by GLC Minerals.

“We are very excited to offer our customers the highest value lime available from a reputable manufacturer like GLC Minerals,” says Trevor Schuurman, national sales manager for GYPSOIL.

“GLC Minerals is proud to manufacture the industry’s standard in calcium carbonate products because we select our inputs based on exact chemistry requirements for specific products,” says Holly Bellmund, president and COO of GLC Minerals.  “We’ve built a reputation as a leading agricultural lime manufacturer and our new partnership with GYPSOIL will allow us to better serve Midwestern crop growers as they seek to manage pH in their soils.”

Applying high-quality agricultural lime, such as UltraCal Lime, is an excellent option for managing pH on farmland, according to soil science experts. Raising crops in soils with balanced pH increases nutrient availability and crop productivity, and helps prevent environmental problems like runoff.  Recommended targets for pH in soils vary by crop. For grain corn or soybeans, growers should aim for pH levels of 6 or higher. For alfalfa, pH should be 6.8 or higher, according to University of Wisconsin literature.

UltraCal Lime is a highly-pure, high-calcium lime that is available at GYPSOIL dealers throughout the Midwest. It has a neutralizing index of 90-99, indicating that UltraCal Lime offers the highest relative value available based on purity (percent calcium carbonate equivalent) and fineness (particle size). It is 97 percent calcium carbonate or higher, with 38.2 percent or more calcium. UltraCal Lime is a fast-acting and highly effective liming tool. So farmers can typically apply less product to amend soils than if they opted for lime with a lower neutralizing index.

“We manufacture according to specific quality guidelines, day in and day out so farmers can be assured of what they are purchasing, “ says Bellmund.

The UltraCal Lime works with the GYPSOIL program by adding another important nutrient for optimal soil health.  Since GYPSOIL itself is pH neutral, lime is now an option for growers needing to managed pH.