Veris Technologies and The Climate Corporation Collaborate

Cindy ZimmermanNitrogen, Nutrient Management, Soil

Veris-logoVeris Technologies and The Climate Corporation, a subsidiary of Monsanto Company, have announced a collaboration to make high resolution soil maps from Veris on-the-go soil sensors available as a key data layer for the agronomic models in The Climate Corporation’s Climate FieldView™ platform.

Both companies are excited about the partnership to enhance farmer access to precise soil mapping technology and enable them to experience the value of Climate’s customized data science insights.

“This is not just about data connectivity, it’s about the combination of soil, weather and scientific insights to better predict nitrogen needs,” says Eric Lund, President of Veris Technologies. “Not only will this collaboration allow farmers to efficiently view Veris maps in the Climate FieldView platform, but most importantly, the high resolution soil maps generated by Veris soil sensors will be used to help manage one of farmers most expensive and sensitive inputs.”

Veris on-the-go soil sensors produce precise maps of soil texture, organic matter, and pH. These properties have a significant impact on productive potential and are closely tied to nitrogen use, loss, and mineralization. A proper prediction of a crop’s nitrogen needs requires an accurate understanding of the soil and how it varies within individual farm fields.

“We’re thrilled to partner with Veris, as part of Climate’s extension of the Climate FieldView platform to other ag innovators who are developing unique technologies for farmers,” said Mike Stern, chief executive officer for The Climate Corporation. “Veris produces best-in-class soil maps, and we expect these maps to be a foundational data layer in the Climate FieldView platform, enabling our agronomic models to provide even more customized insights for farmers on a meter by meter level.”

Veris sensor platforms use patented and proven electrical, infrared and electro-chemical sensors to collect data on key soil characteristics that help growers make site-specific management decisions about seed, fertilizer, soil amendments, herbicides, irrigation, and drainage.

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