Grower Perspective @Bayer Showcase Plot Tour

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bayer-showcase-illinois-103-edited Denis Kopp is a grower from central Illinois with a problem any other grower in the Midwest can relate to. His corn and soybean farm is fighting against weeds.

“Well, this time of year I think everyone in the Midwest would agree, at least in central Illinois, the biggest problem is water hemp. In August you start to see the weeds popping up, so we’re looking for a better program to help control this particular problem,” Kopp told AgWired’s Jamie Johansen.

That’s why Kopp traveled to Bayer‘s Showcase Plot tour, to get a better idea of the program offered there. He also wanted to take a close-up look a few other new products, like a pre-emerge for weed control. The Showcase offered a great opportunity to see it first hand.

Listen to Jamie’s full interview here: [wpaudio url=”″ text=”Interview with Denis Kopp, grower”]

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