BioFlora Offers Organic Nutrient Balance

Kelly MarshallAgribusiness, Nitrogen, Nutrient Management, Organic

bioflora-logoThe USDA reports that total organic acreage is increasing at a rate of 15 percent each year.   As consumer demand for organic food increases, so does the demand for products growers can use in their fields.

“Farmers today face a quandary,” said Stephen P. Pavich, senior plant nutritionist at BioFlora®. “They recognize their responsibility as stewards of their lands to preserve the earth, but at the same time they must maximize their yields of high-quality crops to stay in business. We developed BioFlora’s DynaMega® 2-1-1 as one way for growers to increase yields and improve fruit quality in a variety of crops while farming in a sustainable way.”

DynaMega 2-1-1 is organic and environmentally friendly; made from a proprietary mixture of fish solubles and a liquid seaweed product, it is OMRI listed for both certified organic or sustainable crops. Agricultural researchers have shown that fish solubles promote plant growth and that liquid seaweed increases yields and helps develop plants more resistant to drought, frost and stress. With this blend, BioFlora provides the combination of amino acids, proteins, growth stimulants such as auxins and micronutrients that activate enzyme systems and are essential to plants’ vigorous development. 

Through years of testing, BioFlora has determined the optimum amount of nitrogen to include in DynaMega 2-1-1, the amount that will stimulate plant growth without harming the land.

“Field research has demonstrated that DynaMega 2-1-1 can improve fruit set, size, Brix levels and shelf life in table grapes,” Pavich said. “It can enhance early set, uniform netting and uniform sizing in melons and and help produce stronger calyxes, increased fruit and higher nutrient density in strawberries.”

DynaMega 2-1-1 can be applied through drip tape, stationary sprinklers, pivot or furrow irrigation.  Application varies by crop, but 3 applications during the growing season with a possible post fruit spray show good results.

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