2016 Quivira Conference to Address Soil

Kelly MarshallAg Group, Events, Soil

Quivera ConferenceThe 2016 Quivira Conference is coming up in November.  From the 9-11 in Albuquerque, New Mexico speakers will be addressing soil issues.  With a theme “Lights, Soil, Action!” and featuring speakers like Dr. Temple Grandin and Wes Jackson attendees will have the opportunity to learn about real-wold projects that are making a difference.

Thanks to more than three decades of innovation and on-the-ground beta-testing we have an amazing toolbox of regenerative, profitable and potentially scalable solutions to a wide variety of twenty-first century challenges, including drought and food scarcity. However, most of these solutions have not reached their potential despite their many benefits. Quivira’s 15th conference, will tackle the urgent question: How can we transform our world by getting regenerative solutions implemented widely and quickly? What are the obstacles? The opportunities? What are we doing wrong? Right?

Other speakers include: Lesli Allison, Executive Director, Western Landowner’s Alliance, New Mexico; Gary Burnett, Blackfoot Watershed, Montana: Jonathan Lundgren, PhD. , Entomologist, agroecologist, CEO of Blue Dasher Farm and Director of Ecdysis Foundation, South Dakota; Jim Howell, CEO, Grasslands LLC, Montana; Lindsey Lusher Shute, Executive Director, National Young Farmers Coalition, New York and Lucy Waruingi, Executive Director, African Conservation Center, Kenya, East Africa.