Legend Seed Shows What Precision Ag Can Do

Kelly MarshallAgribusiness, seed, technology

Pheasants in the fieldSouth Dakota is known for pheasants, but two birds are Trav Bratland’s farm are getting some unusual attention.  Of course, that might be because they are unusual birds!

Bratland used a multi-hybrid seeding prescription to plant the Legend Seed logo bordered by two pheasants into his field southeast of Willow Lake.  These birds are visible from 4,000 feet in the air and clearly showcase what can be accomplished with precision technology!

“Multi-hybrid planting allows growers to plan offensive, or racehorse, hybrids for high productivity soil and defensive, or workhorse, hybrids for low productivity soil, enabling the most effective corn hybrid to be placed on each acre. As the precision and clarity of the images in Trav’s field demonstrates, our system is accurate almost down to the square foot,” said Josh Lamecker, Legend Sales Agronomist.

Legend Seeds is the only company in the industry to offer Farmacology®, a collection of research, resources, and tools aimed at helping dealers and growers achieve the most value for their seed investment, from choosing the right seed for their fields to providing support throughout the growing season.

The Legend Edge, a cloud-based Farmacology software tool, provides Legend Seeds’ dealers the data and information to work side-by-side with customers and make agronomic decisions that will help them earn more money per acre. Legend Seeds IT System Manager Jason Davis used the program to create the cutting-edge prescriptive multi-hybrid seeding plan which resulted in the images. According to Davis, two hybrids were planted: one with dark green leaves and red tassels and another with light green leaves and yellow tassels to visually demonstrate the accuracy of multi-hybrid planting. The corn was planted in 30-inch rows with a 24-row John Deere planter equipped with Precision Planting multi-hybrid meters.

Growers at the South Dakota State Fair can get a closer look at the multi-hybird planter and Farmacology tools.  More information is available at any of the company’s website.