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ams16-144-editedChannel Seedsman Dave Wallner and customer Brian Wood were both on hand for this year’s Ag Media Summit to discuss the Channel Field Check Up Series and the services Channel Seedsmen provide their growers.

“The Field Check Up Series is a way for us within Channel to monitor what I am seeing in the field. I visit Brian’s fields once a week all season long. I can focus on key stages of crop and document everything I see. I can easily keep the communication lines open with all my customers. If we don’t communicate, we can’t correct the issue for next year,” Dave said.

Dave added that many of his customers are focused on pushing yields to the next level. Achievement of that is a joint effort and bouncing ideas off each other is a big part of the process. He works with about 40 customers during a growing season, but he is not alone. Channel provides an entire team.

“I have agronomist at my finger tips, district salesmen. A very deep team of individuals that help maximize every product a grower purchases from Channel. When a grower buys a product from us, they are getting so much more value outside of that bag,” Dave said.

Grower customer, Brian said, “Our goal is to produce as many bushels as we can with the land we have. With all the new mid-season application options, having more eyes out walking the fields is a bonus. And that Channel Seedsmen is able to help me make those decisions.”

Brian added that farming today is much more than jumping in a tractor seat and driving back and forth all day. It is hard to be an expert on each aspect of it. Knowing he can call Dave and trust him completely takes a huge load of his shoulders.

Listen to my complete interview to learn more about the Channel Field Check Up Series and the role social media plays in the way they communicate with their growers here: [wpaudio url=”″ text=”Interview with Channel Seedsman Dave Wallner and customer Brian Wood”]

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