Land O’Lakes Acquires Ceres, Inc.

Kelly MarshallAgribusiness, Forage, Land O'Lakes

land o lakesLand O’Lakes has now completed its acquisition of Ceres, Inc. and will make the company a part of the Forage Genetics International business unit.  The addition will add new plant breeding and biotechnology to the Land O’Lakes R&D pipeline, bringing new traits to market faster.  It also brings the company into a position to provide holistic forage to customers.

FGI has significant expertise in field testing, product development and regulatory approval of traits. Ceres has excelled in the discovery and laboratory testing of new forage traits. Combining Ceres and FGI is a joining of complementary strengths and capabilities designed to accelerate the path to creating new forage solutions for farmers globally.

Ceres shares trading ceased yesterday and is no longer listed on the Nasdaq Capital Market.