Farm Groups Praise Obama for Signing Labeling Bill

Kelly MarshallAFBF, Ag Group, ASA, Government, Labeling, NCGA

Multiple farm organizations have released statements, thanking President Obama for signing the food labeling bill into law.  The new law was created to protect the food supply from a patch-work of state labeling laws and to offer consumers a more transparent, national system.

NCGA-Logo-3“We are grateful to President Obama for swiftly signing into law a bill that is crucial for American farmers and consumers,” said National Corn Growers Association President Chip Bowling. “His signature brings consistency to the marketplace and prevents the negative ramifications of conflicting state and national food labeling standards.”

Considering the high reliance on biotechnology to feed an ever-growing population while reducing the impact on the environment, American’s farmers, especially those growing GMOs, are concerned about labels that place an unscientific stigma on proven technology.

asa“The American Soybean Association congratulates and thanks President Obama for today signing into law the bipartisan GMO compromise bill,” says President Richard Wilkins.  “This law will provide stability in the marketplace for both producers and consumers, while avoiding a messy patchwork of state laws. We are happy to put this fight behind us, and continue to provide safe, affordable food for the American people, just as we have for generations.”

afbf“President Obama’s signature today will put a stop to the harmful patchwork of state GMO labeling laws and set in place a uniform, national disclosure system that will provide balanced, accurate information to consumers,” adds the American Farm Bureau Federation.  “For decades, biotechnology has made it possible for farmers to grow safe and healthful crops while reducing their environmental impact. We are pleased that Congress and the administration have moved swiftly to prevent consumer confusion and protect agricultural innovation.”