Nufarm Launches Herbicide for Broadleaf Weed Control

Kelly MarshallAgribusiness, Herbicides

ScorchScorch is the new broadleaf herbicide from Nufarm.  It contains three active ingredients desinged for use on glyphosate-resistand and dicamba-tolerant weeds, as well as control of more than 60 annual and 50 biannual/perennial weeds like ragweed, water hemp, marestail, lambsquarters and Palmer amaranth.

Scorch trialsIt is register for use on cereal grains, fallow, field corn, sorghum, range and pasture and more.  It promises to kill weeds above and below ground, rather than just stunning them.  It also works better in cooler weather than other dicamba and 2,4-D herbicides.

“Herbicide-resistant or tolerant weed populations are widespread, and many weed populations are resistant to more than one herbicide,” says Bob Bruss, Director, Technical Services for Nufarm. “With Scorch, we have combined three active ingredients, each with a broad range of activity, to create a tool that’s very effective in combatting weeds resistant to glyphosate, dicamba and ALS-inhibitor herbicides.”

It can be applied by aerial, broadcast, band or spot spray applications or using water or sprayable fluid fertilizer as a carrier.