.@NationalCorn New Leaders Conclude 2016 Program

Kelly MarshallAg Day, NCGA

NCGA New LeadersThis week has been a busy one for members of the National Corn Growers Association New Leaders Program.  Twenty-six farmers from 15 states have spent the last five days learning to be strong advocates for agriculture.  This wraps up a program that began with sessions in DesMoines in January, continued at Commodity Classic and included webinars in April through July.

“It was great to meet many of those participating in our events this week, like the action team meetings, our Corn Congress policy sessions, and visits to their members of Congress,” said NCGA Chairman Martin Barbre. “These new leaders are the future of our organization, and it was inspiring to see the passion and energy these men and women bring into everything they do. We’re also very grateful for DuPont’s support in this growing effort.”

The week included a stop in Wilmington, Delaware to learn the history of DuPont, a sponsor of the program, and the ongoing work the company is doing in the area of crop protection.  Participants also spent time in D.C., attending policy meetings and talking with their Congress members about the GMO labeling vote, the EPA’s draft risk assessment of atrazine, and TPP.

This year’s overall program participants were: Jonathan and Bridget Hitchcock, Georgia; Casey and Teresa Schlichting, Iowa; Matthew DeSutter, Illinois; Sam and Stephanie Halcomb, Kentucky; Corey Pace, Kentucky; Greg Dell, Maryland; Brent and Bryce Krohn, Minnesota; Ben Storm, Minnesota; Brian Martin, Missouri; Phillip and Lindsay Sloop, North Carolina; Ben Bakko, North Dakota; Deb Gangawish, Nebraska; Joel and Jenna McAfee, Nebraska; Tyler and Whitni Drewes, Ohio; Rob Holman, Tennessee; Bert and Brittney Ring, Texas; Robert Baylor, Virginia; and Trent Jones, Virginia.