New Challenger Tractors Take Precision to Next Level

Kelly MarshallAgribusiness, Equipment, Farm Progress Show, technology, Tractor

AgCoAGCO’s Challenger brand is bringing something entirely new to the field.  The Challenger 1000 Series tractors offer lower cost of ownership per acre, advanced connectivity and world-class performance.  The new series is available in four models ranging from 396 to 517.  Farmers can get their first look at the new offerings at the 2016 Farm Progress Show in Boone, Iowa on August 30-September 1.

“The needs of producers in North America continue to evolve as operations become larger and require more efficiency,” says Josh Keeney, tactical marketing manager at AGCO. “The Challenger 1000 Series tractors bring an entirely new solution to the market. These tractors combine the power of a small-frame, articulated 4-wheel drive with the flexibility and speed of a lighter-weight, fixed-frame row crop machine.

“Using what we call the new Accu™ platform, the 1000 Series tractors are built to be smarter, more intuitive and efficient, to help producers reduce input costs, increase productivity and ultimately be more profitable,” Keeney adds. “This approach is a logical next step in Challenger’s evolution after our work perfecting the track tractor.”

Key to the new Series is the entirely new AccuDrive™ powertrain concept and an upgraded stepless CVT transmission, which provide the tractors with both their power and flexibility. Add to this the tractor’s full suite of on-board technology and an all-new, comfort-focused cab, and these tractors are a single solution for today’s high horsepower needs, from planting and heavy tillage or row crop work to harvesting and on-road hauling up to 31 mph.

Each of the Challenger 1000 Series models come with ISO-compliant AccuTerminal to provide one-stop control of all functions.  This program fully ingrates with AGCO’s Fuse suite and services, taking precision farming to the next level.