NCGA Elects Next Farmer/Leader

Kelly MarshallAg Group, NCGA

NCGAKevin Skunes will step up as the National Corn Growers Association first vice president on Oct. 1.  Skunes currently serves as board liaison to the Grower Service Action Team and representative to the National Pork Producers Council, and has previously been on the Corn Board, the Association Relations Committee and the Finance Committee.

“I am deeply honored that my colleagues on the board chose to place their trust in my capability and commitment to leading our association forward as we work to create greater opportunities for corn growers across the country,” said Skunes. “We understand our farmers face a growing number of challenges. Working together as an industry and with regulators and legislators in Washington, we must grow markets through trade agreements, a return to statutory RVO levels outlined in the RFS while combatting the proliferation of regulations impacting U.S. farmers. I look forward to working with our grower leadership over the coming years to find innovative, impactful ways to grow the demand for our growing crop.”

Skunes is a corn and soybean grower in Cass County, North Dakota.  He and his wife and two sons work 4,900 acres.

On Oct. 1, Chip Bowling, of Maryland, becomes chairman and the current first vice president, Wesley Spurlock of Texas, becomes NCGA president. In October 2017, Spurlock becomes chairman and Skunes becomes president.

“NCGA’s success can be attributed, in large part, to the quality of farmers who have stepped forward to lead the organization, and we strongly believe that Kevin will continue this fine tradition,” said NCGA President Chip Bowling. “Our Corn Board appreciates the energy he brings to our work and the thoughtful insights he contributes to our discussions. Skunes continually demonstrates his dedication to farmers and his willingness to work tirelessly on their behalf.”