Precision Laboratories Launches Intact

Lizzy SchultzAg Group, Crop Protection, Herbicides, Pesticides, Precision Labs, Spraying

precision-laboratories-logo1 Precision Laboratories has announced the launch of Intact, a new product specifically designed for the applicator who wants to optimize the performance of dicamba-based herbicides to fight weed resistance.

Intact is a foliar retention agent and deposition aid, and features an optimized formulation of proven hydroxypropyl guar (HPG) polymer technology. This optimized formulation helps to maximize drift control for a wide range of crop protection products. Large droplets are retained on the target leaf surface, allowing for better coverage, uptake potential and herbicide performance.

Compatible in a wide pH range, Intact is an optimal drift control foundation for a variety of tank mixes, and delivers consistent performance with the newest drift-reduction nozzles required for spraying dicamba-based herbicides. Other drift retardants allow for inconsistency to become apparent through poorly formed spray patterns, reduced weed coverage, and excessively large spray droplets that bounce off target leaf surfaces.

“Intact was designed to avoid these performance pitfalls by working in tandem with drift-reduction nozzles to maximize both herbicide performance and drift control,” said Jim Reiss, senior vice president of product development at Precision Laboratories.

Reiss indicates there is more to having a safe and successful spray application than just drift control.

“Most applicators think about dicamba and drift control, but that is only one aspect of the application process that needs to be managed,”said Reiss. “We believe the safety and efficacy of spray applications can be enhanced by managing factors in the tank, through the air and on the target.”

Total Spray Droplet Management from Precision Labs is a best practices platform for spray applications, and directly aids applicators in their management of these three critical areas. Integrating Intact with the proper nozzle selection is paramount in ensuring that herbicide performance and on-target applications are maximized.

Find more information about Intact, the Total Spray Droplet Management profile, and other Precision Laboratories products online here