Joint Venture by TFI and The Nature Conservancy

Kelly MarshallAg Group, Fertilizer, Nutrient Management, sustainability

Fertilizer institute The Nature Conservancy and The Fertilizer Institute are now working together to help growers move closer to the goal of clean water.  The two organizations have signed a memorandum of understanding and the annoucment was made at TFI’s 4R Summit.  The hope is to work towards ensuring agriculture has the tools necessary for environmental and economic efficiency.

The Conservancy and TFI hope to use their respective strengths and knowledge base to meet four main goals: increase the scientific understanding of nutrient management for growers, communicate the importance of the topic to the broader ag and nature communities, promote the 4R program, and crate a framework for collaboration and sharing of information.

“With such deep roots and a strong voice in the agriculture industry, TFI’s commitment to improved water quality is a win-win for both conservation and farmers,” said Larry Clemens, director of The Nature Conservancy’s North America Agriculture Program. “We are pleased to partner with TFI, and together, we will work to empower farmers with the conservation tools they need to grow bountiful crops while improving the health of our rivers, streams and oceans.”

“Nutrient stewardship using 4R principles is a top priority for the fertilizer industry,” said TFI President Chris Jahn. “Our industry believes that all plant nutrients must be applied using a measurable and recognized 4R nutrient stewardship framework. Our pursuit of this outcome will get a tremendous boost from partnering with an organization of the Conservancy’s strength and credibility.”

the Nature ConservancyBoth groups believe farmers can be economically successful and environmentally conscious at the same time.  To that end they have planned field days, watershed monitoring projects, event forums, and farm level projects.  They’ll also be working to create educational materials.

“The science of sustainable agriculture has come a long way in the last decade. Through this partnership, we will share proven science-based approaches to nutrient management with the farming community and provide technical tools to improve crop production while reducing nutrient runoff into our waterways,” said Clemens. “Together, TFI and the Conservancy can make a lasting impact on our farms and our environment.”