Beck’s Why I Farm Movement Hits the Road

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Becks-whyifarm-1 Natalie Sents, a recent Iowa State University graduate, will be partnering with Beck’s this summer as she sets out on the Why I Farm Roadtrip – a year-long, 50 state tour documenting agriculture’s diversity and revealing the untold stories of America’s farmers.

“Farmers are the backbone of our nation,” said Scott Beck, president of Beck’s. “As agriculture continues to be scrutinized, it’s important we tell their story of faith, fortitude and passion. When Natalina approached us with the idea to travel the country interviewing farmers, her dream matched our mission to honor the American farmer. By taking the Why I Farm Movement on the road, we’re able to give even more farmers a voice.”

Sents will spend approximately one week in each of the nation’s states, gathering real stories from real farmers who will open their operations, their homes, and their hearts to her. The trip began on May 15, in Sents’ home state of Iowa, and she has been sharing her stories along the way on the Why I Farm social media accounts and blog.

Becks-WhyIFarm-2“From the moment I learned about Beck’s Why I Farm Movement, I became inspired to tell the story of agriculture,” said Sents, a Columbus Junction, Iowa native. “With their help, I get to live my dream of traveling the country, interviewing farmers, and chronicling their lives on the Why I Farm Roadtrip.”

The Why I Farm Movement has honored 21 farmers since 2013, and has brought their heartfelt stories to life through powerful videos and the opportunity to offer the world a window to their world. Reaching more than 3.8 million people, the Why I Farm Movement has gained fans and followers from across the globe.

Visit the Why I Farm blog here , and be sure to follow Why I Farm on Facebook, and Twitter. Why I Farm is also active on Instagram and Snapchat under the username @WhyIFarm.