Soil Health Field Days to Help Growers Adopt Practices

Kelly MarshallAg Group, Events, Soil Health Partnership

soilhealthpartnership For Illinois farmers looking to improve the soil health on their operation, this summer is full of opportunities to learn what others are successfully doing.  The Soil Health Partnership is offering 12 field days throughout the sate to showcase how nutrient management, tillage strategies and cover crops can offer an environmental and an economic boost.  These events run from June 23-September 8.

So far the schedule includes:
June 23: Auburn, Ill.
June 30: Lexington, Ill.
July 7: Petersburg, Ill.
July 14: Decatur, Ill.
July 13: Fairbury, Ill.
Aug. 8: Altamont, Ill.
Aug. 15: Hudson, Ill.
Aug. 19: Assumption, Ill.
Sept. 1: Rutland, Ill.
Sept. 8: Trivoli, Ill.

“Healthy soil is more resistant to drought, and more resilient to floods – along with being an effective strategy for improving water and air quality,” said Jim Isermann, Soil Health Partnership field manager for Illinois. “Our farmer-partners are innovators and pioneers, and make our best teachers for sharing good soil health practices with their peers.”

Topics may include cover crop management and machinery set-up, conservation tillage methods, advanced nutrient management, observation soil pit and water quality update.

More events will be posted throughout the summer.