Clariant Offers Pigment Powders for Seed Coloration

Kelly MarshallAgribusiness, seed

ClariantClariant, a world leader in specialty chemicals, has just released a full range of Agrocer™ seed colorants. These pigment powders and pigment preparations come in six basic colors and can be blended to create custom colors.  The product has been tested for safety and complies with the EPA inert ingredients regulations.

The Agrocer pigment preparations are faster and more cost-efficient than powdered pigments, and their eye-catching factor adds value to products.

“We are delighted to extend to the seed treatment sector the first dedicated, complete range of colorants with pigment preparations offering the high quality our customers have come to expect,” said Bernhard Ehrenreich, Clariant’s North America region head for BU Pigments. “This move supports the general trend in the agrochemical and seed industry toward pigment preparations as manufacturers look for fast and more cost-efficient ways to safely color their seeds, seed treatment formulations and fertilizers.”

Seed treatment products are one of the fastest growing in the industry, since coloration is important for branding, legal compliance, controlling product consistency and sowing accuracy.  This new product is easier to handle because its cleaner.  Its use reduces milling and increases dispersion quality, plus cuts downtime due to cleaning of production equipment.

Clariant’s Agrocer preparations are highly compatible with common seed treatment formulations as well as seed coating products. Agrocer pigment preparations offer maximum color strength through their high solids content and easy dispersibility, as well as a long shelf-life.

Agrocer products are nonylphenol ethoxylate (NPE)-free and alkyl phenol ethoxylate (APE)-free, are not eye-irritating and do not require any hazardous labeling. Additionally, they have a low heavy metal and primary amine content.

Colors include: Agrocer Red 482 disp. (Pigment Red 48:2); Agrocer Red 112 disp. (Pigment Red 112); Agrocer Blue 153 disp. (Pigment Blue 15:3); Agrocer Green 007 disp. (Pigment Green 7); Agrocer Violet 023 disp. (Pigment Violet 23); and Agrocer Yellow 001 disp. (Pigment Yellow 1).