Bayer FiberMax One Ton Club Has New Record

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Lee Rivenbark (far left) and Monty Christian (far right) of Bayer present Ford Super Duty F-350 King Ranch Truck to Weinheimer family (PRNewsFoto/Bayer Corporation)

Yields were made to be broken.  That’s why Bayer is honoring 127 members who qualified for the elite FiberMax One Ton Club for the 2015 crop year.  This year’s inductees include 40 new members and 87 returning qualifiers for a grand total of 848 members.

Vance and Mandie Smith of Big Springs, Texas take home top honors.  The seven-year members beat their own record by 400 pounds per acres with 3,717 pounds or 7.7 bales per acre.  That’s more than six times the state average.

Eric and Christy Seidenberger from Garden City, Texas earn the distinction of highest acreage winners, averaging 2,054 pounds on 564 acres.

What makes the numbers posted by the 127 FiberMax One Ton Club members more remarkable is that 2015 was marked by rains that delayed or prevented cotton planting in some areas, notes Jeff Brehmer, U.S. product manager for FiberMax cotton. For many cotton growers across the nation, it was a tough year to make a crop. But for the 40 new members of the One Ton Club, 2015 marked a banner year for their efforts using FiberMax genetics and traits.

Throughout the past 11 years growers have qualified for the One Ton Club using more than 37 different varieties of cotton, speaking to the ever-increasing potential of Bayer germplasm.  Bayer’s most recent varieties, FM 1911GLT, FM 1900GLT, FM 2007GLT, have all qualified.

Other category winners can be seen on the One Ton Club FiberMax webpage.