Nualgi Foliar Spray Offering Plant Performance Trials

Kelly MarshallAgribusiness, Trial

NualgiNualgi Agriculture‘s CEO Anil Nanda is annoucing the Nualgi Foliar Spray Plant Performance Guaranteed Trials.

The trials are opened to qualified commercial growers looking to improve plant performance with higher yields, healthier turf and brighter blooms.

“We’re seeking growers of commercial crops, managers of golf course and athletic fields who are experiencing plant stress,” says Nanda. “Nualgi Foliar Spray with 12 essential nutrients and bio-available silica delivers exceptional performance in stressful situations. Field trials have shown increased yield, higher bunch weight and solid content, improved nutrient levels and better coloration.”

Nualgi 2So far successful trials have been run on several crops, from spinach and strawberries to table grapes, tomatoes, sweet potatoes, persimmons, pistachios, rice, tea, and golf course turf.

Nanda says, “Our push is to get people to try Nualgi Foliar Spray. When they try it, we know they will see good results. That’s why we’re offering first-time-users this money-back guarantee. Our PCA will work out the metrics of the trial with the user.”

Dealer inquiries are welcome. Call Anil Nanda at 858-243-8073, email or visit