Advancing Nutrient Efficiency

Kelly MarshallAgribusiness, Company Announcement, Fertilizer

rhyzo-link-logoNachurs-Alpine Solutions and Pathway Biologic, LLC are extending their exclusive marketing agreement specific to PowerBlend.  The agreement means the companies will work together through 2020 to give retailers an advancement in fertility efficiency and nutrient stewardship with NACHURS Rhyzo-Link fertilizer.

Nachurs-Alpine Solutions is based out of Marion, Ohio.  They are a leader in quality, in-furrow fertilizer.  Pathway Biologic hails from Plant City, Florida and leads the way in the applied science of Microbial Technology.

NACURS Rhyzo-Link is a unique combination of premium fertilizer blended with 8 unique strains of Plant Growth Promoting Rhizobacteria (PGPR) supplied by Pathway.  This combination, once applied, immediately goes to work in-furrow with the seed, or on the leaf surface to provide nutrient availability and enhance nutrient uptake. In today’s world of ever increasing regulation around nutrient stewardship, NACHURS and Pathway have worked hard to develop the right combination of products, helping North American Farmers achieve their production goals.

“Our unique technology platform coupled with NACHURS commercialization capabilities provides a great foundation for a long term partnership in which we can continue to innovate and provide proven biological fertility solutions to increase productivity”, said Micheal Gans, Director of Operations for Pathway Biologic.

Both Pathway and NACHURS will have the freedom to continue collaboration on other products that may include crop specific PGPR.

Jim Krebsbach, Vice President of Ag at Nachurs Alpine Solutions, says “As quickly as the biological industry in agriculture is evolving, you need a good partner to stay on the cutting edge of technology”.