MU Extension Updates ID Weed App

Kelly MarshallApps, Education, Weed control

IDWeedsThe University of Missouri has updated its free ID Weed app.  The app works on iPhones, iPads and Android devices and Kevin Bradley of MU Extension says the new version is more user friendly.

The app contains information on more than 430 weed species common to fields, pastures, lawns, gardens and aquatic areas in Missouri and the surrounding area.  The app allows users to chose from drop-down boxes to input plant characteristics and then identify the weed.  Each weed contains detailed information and at least one photograph to help narrow down the choices.

Users can also search by scientific or common name, or chose from an alphabetical list of all the weeds in the app.

“Proper identification of weeds is important so that you choose an appropriate and cost-effective method of control,” said Bradley.

Bradley developed the app with the help of James Meng, a programmer for the MU Extension Technology and Computer Services.  It can be downloaded from the apple store:, by searching “ID Weeds” at Google Play, or from the website: