NCGA Welcomes French Delegation

Kelly MarshallAg Group, NCGA, sustainability

corn growersThe National Corn Growers Association (NCGA) hosted a group of French delegates this week.  The visitors were interested in learning about U.S. corn farming practices and ethanol.  The NCGA offered a series of meetings to explain how the United States are working to reduce greenhouse emissions and promote a low-carbon economy.

Through a series of in-depth discussions, the group looked at how growers are becoming more aware of how their continuous improvement translates into shrinking the carbon footprint of corn. Additionally, they discussed soil health and how modern ag practices can allow corn production to become a significant carbon sink.

From left to right the group included: Sustainable Development and Energy Project Officer Joseph Lunet de la Malene; NCGA Vice President of Production and Stewardship Paul Bertels (U.S.), Director of Biotechnology and Crop Inputs Nathan Fields (U.S.), World Wildlife Foundation France Department of Food and Agriculture Head Arnaud Gauffier, and Sustainable Development and Dr. Ann Sophie Novel, economist and freelance journalist.