NCGA Joins with SoAR for the Future of Ag

Kelly MarshallAgribusiness, Food, NCGA, Research, Security

NCGA-Logo-3The National Corn Growers Association recently told us of their new strategic plan to increase demand and improve productivity and sustainability.  Now they’re showing us just what it is they plan to do about it.  The organization has now joined the Supporters of Agricultural Research (SoAR), a coalition of scientific, consumer and producer groups that seek out sound research policies to help feed the growing world.

“As a partner of SoAR, NCGA will be able to further its efforts to achieve public polices in the research arena that will benefit all U.S. Corn farmers,” said NCGA Research and Business Development Action Team Chair Larry Hoffmann. “While we work to build demand, it is also imperative NCGA maintains important efforts to keep the research pipeline flowing. As members of this respected group, we will amplify our voice by working with like-minded groups and ensure that research funding remains a top priority for Congress.”

soar-022SoAR works with major research institutions, farmer groups, scientific organizations, consumer groups and other private sector partners who believe a strong competitive grants program will encourage top scientists from multiple disciplines-from botany and biology to energy and engineering-to address the many agriculture-related challenges facing our country today.

SoAR advocates for full funding for the Agriculture Food and Research Initiative. AFRI is a program established by Congress in 2008 to award competitive grants for research projects-at any institution-that apply best ideas from any discipline to the many problems confronting today’s farmers and consumers.

The Foundation also takes on the job of educating stockholders about the importance of agriculture research.  They believe competitive grands are the best future for agriculture, pointing out how the approach has lead to much of America’s biomedical innovation.

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