Rep. Lummis Honored with Excellence in Soil Award

Kelly MarshallAward, Government, Resources, Soil

lummisTo recognize her support and efforts on the Congressional Soils Caucus, the Soil Science Society of American (SSSA) is presenting Congressman Cynthia Lummis with the 2016 Excellence in Soil Stewardship Award.  The award is given to policy makers who strengthen the U.S. agriculture industry by protecting the natural resources that make agriculture possible.

The mission of the Congressional Soils Caucus Alliance (CSCA) is to enhance knowledge and understanding of the role that soil and soil science play in addressing the most pressing issues facing our nation and the world. The Soils Caucus has organized many congressional education briefings and events that range many topics, such as land reclamation, wildfires, and connections between soils and wine.

“Rep. Lummis is a champion of sustainable land management, and her leadership to the Congressional Soil Caucus has significantly raised the profile of this critical national resource in Washington,” said SSA President, Harold Van Es.

“Soil quality, health and the science behind it is often overlooked, but it is absolutely essential for growing the food for our nation,” said Congressman Lummis. “Being a rancher all my life and always having my hands in the soils, I understand the importance of the land and soil on which we live and in which we grow our crops. I am honored by this award from the Soil Science Society of America and will continue to emphasize that healthy soil is the foundation for a healthy America.”

Congressman Lummis represents the state of Wyoming in the U.S. House.  She has served in several positions relating to soils and scientific research, including the Committee on Science, Space and Technology and acting as Vice Chairman on the House Committee on Natural Resources.  Lummis has been a member of the  Congressional Soils Caucus since 2009. Her influence has led the caucus to be productive and influential group on the Hill.