NCGA Releases New Strategic Plan

Kelly MarshallAg Group, NCGA, sustainability

NCGA-Logo-3The recent Commodity Classic in New Orleans was the site of the National Corn Growers Association finalization of a new strategic plan to create a vision of sustainably feeding and fueling the world’s growing population.  The plan addresses four major concerns heard throughout the agriculture industry: increase the demand, strengthen customer and consumer trust, enhance productivity and environmental sustainability, and striving for organizational excellence.

NCGA President, Chip Bowling, noted that increasing demand is vital.

“Most corn farmers are well past the point of prices being below the cost of production, and prices have been there for some time now,” Bowling said. “Facing this dramatic income drop, farmers have begun tightening their belts. We are already seeing the ripple effects of this on rural communities. Implement dealers are selling less equipment. Manufacturers are scaling back production. Agribusinesses have laid off employees.”

For NCGA, this means a particular focus on increasing ethanol demand, exploring new uses, increasing livestock exports and pushing for transportation infrastructure that can more efficiently move corn and corn products to market. The target goal within the new plan is competitive market demand for 19 billion bushels of corn by 2025.

“Our growers know what’s at stake,” Bowling said. “They’ve worked hard to bring in the three largest crops ever over the past three years, and now we have the opportunity to lead in building demand, enhancing trust, and improving sustainability.”