John Deere Offers New Prescription Creator

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cc-16-flandersThe John Deere Operation Center has seen many new developments recently so we were excited to hear from Jake Flanders at the 2016 Commodity Classic about what’s been happening.

Just this February Deere released an update for their software bundle with its online set of tools that allow you to access all your farm information when and where you want it.

Now they’re at it again with a brand new prescription creator.  The tool was designed by Agrian, a third party company whose collaboration shows John Deere’s commitment to working with industry experts.  By working with those who can provide the best service for their customers and combining those tools into one location the John Deere Operation Center provides growers with many simple solutions– solutions that now extent to prescriptions.

“This is going to allow them to create prescriptions out of soil maps, the SSURGO soil data from the USDA, as well as harvest yield information,” Flanders explains to Chuck Zimmerman.

And a lot of that data is being updated more frequently than ever before.  The new Gen 4 Command Center display offers the faster updates than the previous 2630 display and some of the harvest equipment offers real-time uploading.   The iPad display supplements the cab’s display and offers another, even more detailed look about what’s happening in a field.

Learn more about John Deere’s latest and greatest in the full interview: [wpaudio url=”″ text=”Jake Flanders, John Deere Operation Center”]

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