Kelly CL2 Cutting Disk Premiers at National Farm Show

Kelly MarshallAgribusiness, Machinery, Tillage

Kelly Diamond HarrowKelly Engineering introduced the second generation of a cast link (CL) cutting disc to the United States during the National Farm Machinery Show last month.  Shane Kelly, president and owner, shared a video with attendees that highlights how quickly the CL2 disc works to prepare the seedbed for planting.

“The CL2 cutting disc is a revolutionary option for land management practices,” Kelly said. “It offers shallow tillage with confidence! The new cutting discs really bite to get out roots, split residue and cut weeds. This means that the productivity, reliability and low-cost benefits of the Kelly Diamond Harrow can now apply to those who need to dig and cut with confidence. Complementing our lighter ‘finishing’ tools, these discs expand the versatility of the Kelly Diamond Harrow for fall use and weed cultivation. Heavy links with sharp cutting discs mean penetration and cutting are assured. The CL2 disc configured in combination with our other chain varieties makes the Kelly Diamond Harrow a year-round tillage machine, potentially replacing all other tillage equipment on the farm.”

The CL2 is one of several disc chains created by the company. Each chain is constructed specifically for Kelly machines, with a concave disc attached to each link. The combination of chain tension, weight and disc shape can be used in a variety of soil types and applications. Made from abrasion resistant metals and a durable design, the concave shape adds strength, thereby enhancing its cutting and digging capabilities.

The company’s CL disc chains are recognized for innovation. The new CL2 disc chain was designed to cut and split residue, accelerate decomposition and pull weeds efficiently. The extra weight of its links combines with sharp, boron steel to dig and cut. With excellent wear rates, CL2 discs are extremely versatile, enabling a year-round tool that will reduce maintenance and running costs while improving soil health. These hardwearing links can be used in a wide range of soil and crop types – from corn and soybeans to sugar beets and rice.

The disc was created to compliment the Kelly Diamond Harrow. It’s unique diamond design allows fast and less expensive tillage and stimulates germination of weed seeds to reduce herbicide use.

“What makes the Kelly Diamond Harrow unique is its ability to create a perfect seedbed in a single pass, in a wide range of conditions,” Kelly explained. “High productivity, low maintenance, low fuel usage and a smooth, level finish are characteristics of the Kelly Harrow. Having the perfect seedbed means better planter performance, better stands, reduced planter wear and greater planter productivity. The Kelly Harrow allows earlier access to the fields, widening the critical planting window and improving yield potential. Reducing the cost of seedbed preparation puts cash in farmers’ pockets – the same or better crop yields from lower input costs means more margin for farmers.”