Big Winner in Bayer #LibertyLink #RealYield Game

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LibertyLink Real Yield GameCongratulations to Rick Juchems, Iowa farmer, who is the big winner in the Bayer LibertyLink Real Yield Game. Rick has won a year’s lease on a John Deere 8320R tractor.

He’s a corn and soybean farmer doing mostly no-till with 100% cover crops. Rick also custom feeds hogs too. To say that he was excited about winning this tractor for the year is an understatement. He learned about the game from the Iowa FFA Alumni Association. He played it because that ensured that Iowa FFA would receive a $1 donation from Bayer CropScience. I’ll have more about the Iowa FFA and the Real Yield Game coming up soon.

Rick JuchemsI walked to the Commodity Classic trade show with Rick so he could sit in the John Deere 8320R that was on display. In fact, we recorded the interview you can hear below while sitting in the cab.

Rick says he’ll be using the tractor “. . . to field cultivate where I’ve hauled on hog manure. I’ll put it on the no-till drill and I guess this fall we’ll haul loads with it.” He recommends playing the Real Yield Game if it comes back in the future. He has not planted any LibertyLink soybeans yet but he’s thinking about it since Iowa is experiencing weed resistance with water hemp.

You can listen to my interview with Rick here: [wpaudio url=”″ text=”Interview with Rick Juchems, IA Farmer”]

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