iCropTrak FarmEngine Provides Flexible Traceability

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iCropTrakConsumer demand for transparency and traceability in the food chain is growing, and iCropTrak is offering growers a solution. Their new FarmEngine technology can make the process of documentation easier and affordable, so its simple and effective for growers to adapt their business to meet the expectations of the American public.

iCropTrak Farm Engine AppFor ag operations looking to fulfill this demand, the iCropTrak application was created to adapt to your business. They offer customizable forms and automated alerts and notifications to help manage rules and regulations. It helps you document every aspect of your farm, from field prep to sale. The mobile app also gives you information about how fields are growing, so you know where efficiency gains can be made and understand what fields are most profitable.

The app can remind you with a text or email about jobs that need to be done. It can also be set to allow hired hands to log in and see what tasks to do on which farm – or what not to do. The easy to read icon-based map makes it simple to finish the scheduled work for each day.

Our FarmEngine technology is integrated into our existing mobile application and allows you to create rules from your data so icons show up when you need them to; then tap the icon, document your work, tap complete and you’re done. Sync your data and distribute to anyone else on your team. It’s all there, who did the work, when, where, what, and even the weather. It’s in your database ready to analyze, audit and report.

We had a chance to learn even more about FarmEngine during Commodity Classic last week in an interview with Shawny Marsden. “In the context of notifications and reminders and things to help you make sure you’re getting everything done that needs to get done, that’s what FarmEngine is for,” she says.

Listen to our interview with Shawny here: [wpaudio url=”http://traffic.libsyn.com/zimmcomm/classic16-icroptrak-marsden.mp3″ text=”Interview with Shawny Marsden, iCropTrak”]

You can also find out more about the FarmEngine app by emailing Contact@iCropTrak.com and you can follow them on Twitter @CropTrak.

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