John Deere Enhances Harvesting Equipment

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classic-16-johndeeredemo John Deere has made some significant improvements to the S-Series Combine, the workhorse of its grain harvesting equipment, and the team made a strong presence at the 2016 Commodity Classic, and Britney Guidarelli, Senior Marketing Representative, gave us a walk-through of some of the latest updates to the S-Series.

“One of the biggest new features with the S-Series combine is the new Dyna-Flow Plus cleaning shoe,” said Guidarelli. “The cleaning sieve is 12 percent longer, and it will be able to reduce your tailings by up to 28 percent in shoe-limited conditions.”

A few additional new features to the S-Series include an on-board air compressor to help with cleaning, and the new Low Side Wall (LSW) tires, which offer some benefits of a track, including better flotation and decreased compaction, without the full expense of tracks, and with better road transport than tracks.

Guidarelli also walked through John Deere’s new 612FC Folding Corn Head, a twelve row corn head available in 30-inch row spacing and chopping or non-chopping configurations. The 612FC can provide productivity of up to 30 acres more per day compared to a traditional eight row corn head, and six more acres per day compared to a traditional twelve row, while reducing operating costs by 15 percent.

Watch Brittney’s full video here:

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